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The Serco People Fund was established in the UK in December 2021, launching as an independent Charity to help support current and retired Serco colleagues, and their close family, in times of extraordinary financial hardship.  Since its launch, the Serco People Fund has donated over £200,000.00 in financial grants, whilst expanding its scope to Australia and the UAE.  The Serco People Fund North America was also launched in March 2023 and is currently available to all current, future, and retired Serco colleagues in America.  The information on this page demonstrates how we have already helped people within the Serco community, and how we could potentially help and support you. 

If you are still unsure of whether you should apply we would encourage you to make an application so that this can be reviewed.  We appreciate that everyone's circumstances vary and we would rather that you reached out for assistance so that we can assess if support is available to you. 

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"Now I know there are people who will help you"

Andrew, a Serco colleague, helped his wife's sisters and young nephews escape Ukraine following the invasion of Russia. 'We brought them here to live with us. All they had was emergency clothing and one bag of nappies. We shared all we could and asked neighbours for spare clothes and mattresses.'

Andrew was unable to receive financial support through other applicable schemes so reached out to the Serco People Fund in the hope of financial support. 'Hard experience has taught me to assume help is not coming. I had to read the confirmation email several times before I understood what I was seeing. Now I know that there are people who will help you, for no other reason than because they want to help you.'  Andrew was able to buy new beds, wardrobes and other essential household items so that his relatives stay could be made more comfortable during a time of extraordinary need.

"Thank you to the whole Serco People Fund team"

Anthony, a Serco colleague, needed to travel to his native country of Nigeria to visit his Mother who had sadly developed a terminal illness. “I had no savings to use to purchase flight tickets.  I wanted to see my Mother so desperately, so I applied to the Serco People Fund to see if they could support me.”

The Serco People Fund were happy to assist Anthony during this time.  “My Mother was so pleased to see me; thank you to the whole Serco People Fund team for making my travel possible at a very difficult time”. 

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"They've been so kind and helpful"

Melanie, a Serco colleague, was struggling financially after escaping from a highly abusive relationship in which her ex-partner had amassed huge debts in her name.  "I had no idea how much I needed help.  He took everything from me, I thought it would hang around my neck forever.  The Serco People Fund has helped me see how important it is to open up to help and support - It's part of how you heal."

With help from the Serco People fund, Melanie has cleared her immediate financial challenges, giving her a fresh start.  Melanie says this experience of compassion and care has helped restore her faith in humanity: "They've been so kind and helpful - taking the time to talk to me about my situation, asking lots of supportive questions."

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Apply for support

We all need some extra help sometimes. To apply for Serco People Fund support, please click below.