The Serco People Fund supports current and retired Serco colleagues, and their close family, when they face extraordinary financial challenges.

The People Fund embraces Serco's value of Care and strives to provide support and aid in times of extraordinary need.

As an independent charity we do this by providing financial grants in response to applications and, where helpful, connecting people to other assistance.

Current and retired Serco colleagues, and their close family, can make a confidential application for financial support to the People Fund’s trustees using this website.  The content of your application is confidential and is only shared with the Trustees of the Serco People Fund and those who help to administer it.

What type of situations do we support?

The People Fund will provide support for a wide range of situations that colleagues, their close families and retired colleagues might face.  The charity trustees are open to making a financial contribution to any situation that they judge to be an extraordinary financial challenge, but the situations most likely to be supported are where:

  • You face an unusual level of hardship or a personal crisis due to circumstances outside of your control.
  • You need emergency support following a natural disaster.
  • You are facing extraordinary costs associated with education and training.
  • You need help with your health, wellbeing or recovery.

Within close family we include your children, your husband, wife or partner, and their children.

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Alongside financial assistance we know that good advice from someone you trust will be just as valuable.  If you would like to get advice and information about domestic abuse, your health and wellbeing, or your personal finances and unsustainable debt, then please go to our further help page.

further help


If you could be a candidate for support or you simply want to hear more, get in touch.